Updated: 9-Sep-2019

A wooden mousepad brings a little nature to where you least expect it. The ultra-modern and super-unnatural computer room (or corner). I couldn’t believe something this charming existed!

Nature has all the more impact when you find it where you least expect it

Anyone could find a ‘faux’ wooden mousepad – a wood-effect image printed onto a synthetic mousepad. Real wooden mousepads are hard to get hold of. These 8 examples are the real thing, designed to keep you grounded in nature when you’re clicking on the virtual world.

8 perfect examples of a wooden mousepad

  1. This wooden mousepad is made of walnut veneer with a flexible backing and includes a pen holder. The surface is ultra smooth and made of anti-fray bark materials. A birch option is available.

    Click on the picture to take you to Amazon.

    wooden mousepad

  1. This mousepad is made from solid birch wood with a clear protective coating and you can specify your own text. It measures 8.5” x 11”. Click on the picture to take you to Etsy


  1. A handmade mousepad made to order from ash, walnut and padauk. You can find it on Etsy, just click on the picture.


  1. A handmade wooden mousepad with a bee design made from plywood. It’s made to order on Etsy.


  1. A wooden mousepad combined with stand for ipad or tablet. Handmade from ash wood with an oiled finish. Click on the picture to find it on Etsy.


  1. This mousepad has a frame made of eco-friendly bamboo with a holder for a smartphone or tablet. It’s available on Amazon.

    wooden mousepad

  1. A natural cork mousepad with a built-in wrest support. Also available in brown. Click on the picture to take you to Amazon.

    cork mousepad

  1. This is more of a laptop tray with a built-in mousepad. It’s made of eco-friendly bamboo, it’s lightweight and portable. Click on the picture to get it from Amazon.

    bamboo laptop tray mousepad

And two leather mousepads

  1. This mousepad is made of Fair Trade goatskin leather produced by a small family-run business. It’s dyed using natural ingredients including saffron, indigo and poppy. Available from Amazon.

    leather mousepad

  1. This leather mousepad is made from brown vegetable tanned leather. Click on the picture to take you to Etsy.


There’s lots of inspiration here for making your own mousepad. Take a look at these tutorials for a cork mousepad or one made of leather.

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