9 ideas for beautiful natural wallart

9 ideas for beautiful natural wallart

Updated: 9-Sep-2019

Natural wallart brings nature into your home.

A great piece of natural wallart combines the two aspects of representing nature and being made from natural products. Together they make wallart into a richer experience.

A room with nothing on the walls can feel bare and unfinished. Wallart adds life.

Wallart is a way to reflect your own style. It’s not just about selecting what’s right for the room but what’s right for your room. Whatever you choose, use it to make a room more inviting and open up conversation.

  1. This stunning piece of wallart is handmade from a recycled steel drum by craftsmen in Haiti. Diameter 60cm (that’s the size of a steel drum).

    steel drum art upcycled

    Click on the image to take you to Amazon UK.

  1. A handmade dream catcher from Etsy. The one in the picture is made of wools and yarns, willow, crystals and feathers. Clicking on the image will take you to the whole range on Etsy.

    dream catcher

    Click on the image to take you to Etsy UK.

  1. This is an affordable wall-hanging that’s large enough to make a big impact in any room. It’s screen-printed onto 100% cotton. Height 85″ x width 55″.

    wall hanging

    Click on the image to take you to Amazon UK.

You can use wallart to make a room stand out or to focus attention in one area of the room over another. You’re saying ‘Look at this beautiful piece, turn away from the ugly curtains…’.

  1. The macrame wall hanging in the picture is handmade using natural cotton, cotton rope and copper. Click on the image to take you to the whole range of handmade macrame wall hanings on Etsy UK.

    Natural wallart macrame

    Click on the image to take you to Etsy UK.

  1. This atmospheric photograph of a stag is printed on thick wood. Height 71.1cm x width 30.5cm. The depth is part of the appeal – it’s 3.8cm.

    stag art

    Clicking on the image will take you to Amazon UK.

  1. This is a traditional wedding bowl from Zambia known as a Makenge Basket. It’s handmade using vegetable fibres. Each item is unique. Diameter 16.8″.

    Natural wallart bowl

    The image takes you to Etsy UK. It costs £305.80 plus shipping.

  1. This timeless image introduces nature into a room while still maintaining a slick look. It’s a decal sticker which applies to the wall in a matter of minutes. It’s also easy to remove if you get tired of dreaming about dandelions. Height 118cm x width 70cm.

    dandelion decal

    The image will take you to Amazon UK.

Make your own natural wallart

  1. This shows you don’t have to look far to put something natural on your wall. You must have a beautiful straw hat in your wardrobe? Well, maybe you don’t have a straw hat… but it just goes to show you don’t need a piece of art for wallart.

  1. I love the caption to this image. Meghanlfontenot made the wall-hanging herself using a coat hanger, clothes pegs and the wedding bouquet she caught at her best friend’s wedding. The unpolished design gives it lots of charm. Kudos to Meghan  🙂


If you want to try making your own wallart take a look at these nature-inspired tutorials. If you try any of these remember a result often looks more natural with a less-polished finish. Good luck 🙂

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