Updated: 13-Sep-2019

Eco friendly gifts add back meaning to what has become a traditional plastic splurge. Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year but for our little blue planet it can be the most destructive. No one wants to receive another addition to the plastic problem that is harming us all.

Remember that Christmas is not all about giving gifts and no one asks for tat! Choose well to show those who mean the most that you care about them and the impact on our world.

There is sure to be something here that they will love and something to give them a surprise too πŸ™‚

20 cool eco friendly gifts

  1. Recycled-oil-drizzler

    Oil/vinegar/cocktail drizzler made from recycled glass Jagermeister bottle
    available from Amazon UK

  2. Brass frame (4 x 6) with tie made from recycled sari
    available from Amazon UK

  3. Recycled cardboard pendant light

    Recycled cardboard pendant light
    available from Amazon UK

  4. Pink-himalayan-crystal-rock-salt-lamp

    Pink Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp on a wood base
    available from Amazon UK

  5. Hogwarts crate box

    Hogwarts wooden crate storage box made of reclaimed wood
    available from Amazon UK

  6. collapsible straw

    Collapsible reusable keychain drinking straw, stainless steel with portable case
    available from Amazon UK

  7. Handmadesari journal

    Handmade sari journal notebook with recycled paper, large 135 x 180mm
    available from Amazon UK

  8. photo frame bicycle chain upcycled

    Recycled bicycle chain photoframe for horizontal or vertical photos, 6 x 4″
    available from Amazon UK

  9. magnetic knife block bamboo

    Magnetic bamboo knifeblock for safe, clean and stylish storage
    available from Amazon UK

  10. upcycled wooden shoe former toilet roll holder

    Upcycled wooden shoe former as toilet roll holder
    available from Amazon UK

  11. Recycled-glass-soap-dish

    Soapdish made from recycled glass
    available from Amazon UK

  12. Give the gift of hygge – that is the Danish word for a cosy and caring atmosphere

  13. kilim cushion

    Handwoven kilim cushion cover made in India
    available from Amazon UK

  14. henna lamp

    Moroccan henna lamp made with recycled iron and natural leather
    available from Amazon UK

  15. wineglasses recycled glass

    Set of 2 wineglasses made from recycled glass
    available from Amazon UK

  16. wall-mounted wine rack

    Wall-mounted wine rack handmade using recycled French oak wine barrel
    available from Amazon UK

  17. rag rug with pom poms

    Recycled rag rug with pom poms 60 cm x 90 cm
    available from Amazon UK

  18. handmade storage box

    Reclaimed wood handmade storage box 39 x 28 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
    available from Amazon UK

  19. edible flowers gift box

    6 varieties of edible flowers and everything you need to grow them
    available from Amazon UK

  20. yellow garden bird ornament

    Garden bird ornament made from recycled metal,
    available from Amazon UK

  21. Bacardi bottle clock

    Bacardi bottle clock made from genuine recycled bottle and label
    available from Amazon UK

I hope you have found something that is just right for the ones you love. Have I at least sparked a few ideas?

You can find all these gifts and many more in this Pinterest board Gifts for a Greener World.

Here are some more ideas for eco friendly gifts just for the gardener in your life.

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