Updated: 23-Jul-2018

Natural ingredients for a great terrarium

7 natural ingredients for a great terrarium

Choose natural ingredients for a great terrarium and a perfect ecosystem. A terrarium thrives on neglect so no need for plastic time-savers.
Care for your houseplants

9 ways to kill or care for your houseplants

Do you want to care for your houseplants or kill them? Look at what you could do to finish them off and you’ll see how to keep them alive.
Recycle junk mail

35 unique and practical ideas to recycle junk mail brilliantly

Recycle junk mail into something creative or practical, don't just drop it into a recycling bin. Be brilliant, ingenious and crafty 🙂
Newspapers recycling

19 original ways to recycle newspapers

Clever ways to recycle newspapers rather than dropping them in a recycling bin. Ideas range from the practical to the crafty and creative.